Helping Homeless in San Antonio : Loving like Jesus Did

About Us

Our Vision

We are one of a few non profit organizations in San Antonio Texas with a vision to help our homeless by providing community.

Our long term vision is to open a coffee shop just outside a community village, providing housing, training, and vocation for anyone who desires to change their poverty-like conditions.  It's a journey and you are invited!

Our history

Our history is in the making.  We pray the Spirit of Christ leaves a lasting impact on the people in communities we are called to reach.

Our mission

 We show the love of Jesus by going out into our community, coming alongside neighbors and partners, together providing care for those who desire to change their current poverty-like conditions

Our Role modles

Community first village is a group in Austin who are our role models.  Check out this video:

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1751 Winding Creek Trl, Spring Branch, Texas 78070, United States